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Public Notice - On Street Parking Ban

On Street Parking Ban

Fire Hazard Index Low

Fire Hazard Index for Placentia region has returned to LOW. Conditions are normal for travel and work in wooded and grassy areas. Burning under permit is allowed and open fires are permitted in outside fireplaces etc. Residents are reminded to use caution with activities in the forest and on trails.

Council Meeting Broadcast

Follow this link to watch Council meeting broadcast!

Waste Collection Schedule (Calendar Large Format)

May to December 2018 Waste Collection Schedule (Large Format)

Waste Collection Schedule

Revised Schedule

Departments / Committees

Executive Committee

Chair: Mayor Bernard Power

Members: Deputy Mayor Keith Pearson
Councillor Kay Smith

Resource: Chief Administrative Officer


Chair:Councillor Kay Smith

Members:Deputy Mayor Keith Pearson
Councillor Jamilee Fitzpatrick

Resource: Manager of Finance

Public Works

Chair:Deputy Mayor Keith Pearson

Members:Councillor Noella Collins
Councillor Jane Hynes

Resource: Public Works Supervisor

Culture & Tourism

Chair:Councillor Jane Hynes

Members:Councillor Noella Collins
Councillor Kay Smith

Resource: Manager of Tourism, Marketing and Communications


Chair:Councillor Jamilee Fitzpatrick

Members:Councillor Lorraine Collins-Power
Deputy Mayor Keith Pearson

Resource:Manager of Recreation and Community Programming

Public Safety

Chair:Councillor Noella Collins

Members:Councillor Lorraine Collins-Power
Councillor Jane Hynes

Resource:Chief Administrative Officer

Community Engagement and Communications

Chair:Councillor Lorraine Collins-Power

Members:Councillor Noella Collins
Councillor Jamilee Fitzpatrick

Resource:Manager of Tourism, Marketing and Communications

What’s Happening

Discount Deadline

Dec 21, 2018
Senior Discount Date

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Winter Solstice

Dec 21, 2018
St. Luke's Church

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Greene Christmas

Dec 23, 2018
Tibbs Eve at the Star

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Mummers Parade

Dec 30, 2018
Join us for this fun family event!

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Interest Reminder

Dec 31, 2018
4.5% on all tax balances

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Dec 18, 2018
Municipal Minute November 2018
November 2018 Municipal Minute

Oct 24, 2018
Municipal Minute October 2018
October 2018 Municipal Minute

Sep 14, 2018
September 2018 Municipal Minute
Municipal Minute September 2018

Aug 1, 2018
July 2018 Municipal Minute
Municipal Minute July 2018

Jul 3, 2018
June 2018 Municipal Minute
Muncipal Minute June

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