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Budget 2017

Tax Structure 2017

Taxation rates and fee structures for the Town of Placentia, both for business and for residential properties, can be found in the listing below.

Property Tax
Property Tax 6.2 mils
Commercial Property Tax 9.0 mils
Minimum Property Tax $350.00

  Minimum Vacant Land Tax (Resident & Commerical)   $150.00

Business Tax
Non-Profit Organization 8.5 mils
Hospitality/Hotels/B & B 10.5 mils
General Business/Greenhouses 18 mils
Drug & Jewelry Stores 20 mils
Take-outs 18 mils


Professional Offices/Educational Facilities

18 mils

30 mils

Mining, Quarry, Mineral Processing, Marshalling Yard & Related Facilities 80 mils or min $2,500
Mail Order House 85 mils
Banks/Finance Companies 125.5 mils
Oil Companies (with fixed place) 125.5 mils
Utilities (Cable/Phone/Oil/Power) 2.5 % of Gross Revenue
All Other Commercial (no fixed place) 2/3 of 1% of Gross Revenue
Minimum Business Tax $400.00
Grant in lieu of Business/Occupancy (Marine Atlantic) 23 mils
home construction/additions 18 mils or min $500
painting/electrical/general repairs 18 mils or min $400
waste removal 18 mils or min $500
excavation contractors, mining or quarrying of stone, shale or gravel, paving co. 18 mils or min $500


Water/Sewer Taxes
Metered Water Rates $105.00 per month or 75₵ per 1,000 gallons whichever the greater value
Water Only $312.00
Water/Sewer $380.00
B&Bs/Motels/Hotels/Efficiency Units (4 units or less) $380.00
(Each additional unit) $30.00
Commercial Water/Sewer $380.00
(Each additional unit) $105.00
Apartment Water & Sewer (First unit) $380.00
(Each additional unit) $55.00
Home Based Business Water & Sewer
Residential Rate of $380.00 plus $55.00 each additional unit
Trailer Park (Base Rate) $380.00
(Each trailer) $105.00
Harbour Authorities $520.00
Educational Facilities $380.00 + 5.5 mils


Residential Development Fees & Permits
(see note 1)
Application Processing Fee (when approved a regular permit fee is required to obtain permit) $25.00
NSF Cheque Fee (bank fee + town processing fee) $30.00
Sheds/Patios & Pools $50.00
Residential Extensions Permit $75.00

Residential Building Permit

Front Landscaping (Bylaw 2 years)


$500.00 (100% refundable)

Non-Residential Building Permit .009 of total project cost or $150.00
(whichever the greater value)

Commercial Occupancy Permit


Commercial Renovations .009 of total project cost or $150.00 (whichever the greater value)
Vendor Permit (30 day permit) $50.00
Vendor Permit (1 day) $25.00
Tax Certificate or Letter of Compliance $75.00
Taxi Permit (per car per year) $100.00
Discretionary Use, Non Conforming-Use, Zoning Amendments, or Variance Fee $100.00
Municipal Plan Amendment for Commercial Dev. $500.00 plus costs

Water (Turn on or off) Fee

New Residential Water Hook Up Fee

New Residential Sewer Hook Up

Pavement Cutting for Water Hook Up

After Hours Call Out Fee - Residential

                                            - Commercial







Mining/Quarry $1,500.00
Quarry Permit Renewal Fee $500.00
Fish Processors/Buyers $500.00

Aquaculture Permit

Permit Fee - Wharf   - Residential

                                     - Commercial




Dog Licences (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31)
Male/Female Spayed $10.00
Female $25.00
Kennel $50.00
Commercial Demolition, Remediation & Related Services Permit 2% cost of work
(see note 2)


  1. Any resident/business constructing or renovating before obtaining a permit will be charged a surcharge of 100% of cost of permit up to maximum $500.00.
  2. Fee is 2% of the cost of work, as determined in the contract value of the work, or failing a contract value, an amount estimated by the Town to be the true value. This fee also applies to remediation or related work in Argentia.

All Fees and Licences Are To Be Paid In Advance

Permit Fees are non - refundable

Due date for current year municipal taxes is June 30, 2017.  An interest charge of 4.5% will be charged on all outstanding balances on June 30th and an additional 4.5% interest will be charged on outstanding balances December 31st. Any collection fees incurred on individual accounts will be charged to taxpayers. Interest will be adjusted on any current account that has been paid in full by December 31, 2017 if paid  in 12 equal payments beginning in January 2017.

A Discount of 10% is applicable to residential property and residential water and sewer taxes only. Discount does not apply to commercial property & business tax.

All taxes must be paid in full by March 31, 2017  to avail of the discount off current taxes. Seniors 65 years & older have until June 30th, 2017.

Dog tags are to be renewed January 1, 2017.


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