Argentia Backlands Trail

Argentia is situated on the southwest coast of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland & Labrador,  defined by a triangular shaped headland which reaches northward out into Placentia Bay creating a natural harbour 3 km in length, reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean.

16 kms – The Argentia Backland prepared walking trails provide breathtaking views of Placentia Bay. The location is made up of a combination of walking and vehicle trails.  The Backlands provide some of the best hiking in the area.  The Trail was developed by the Argentia Management Authority Inc. (now known as Port of Argentia) in July 1996.  The land was previously under control of the U.S. Navy, and was returned to the Government of Canada when the Americans closed their facility located at Argentia in October 1994.

Catch a glimpse of our military past and discover the many underground WWII bunkers along the route, including Bunker Alley.  Resting at the various Lookouts offers the opportunity for quiet reflection when overlooking the waters of the historic meeting place of Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt who met aboard their naval ships in August 1941, the site of the Atlantic Conference, which resulted in the formation of the Altantic Charter. A secret encounter that shaped world history! You will find several of the treks named in their honor!

Explore and observe the regions fauna and flora.  On your walk among the woods and marshes, watch for wildlife such as; eagles, osprey, moose, fox, ptarmigan, and grouse. In addition, you will find some examples of plant life such as Bog Myrtle, Leatherleaf, Northern Rose, Northern Will Raisin, and Creeping Snowberry.

Safety on the Trail – Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Never set out on a hike alone. On any hiking trip, travel with at least one companion and let someone know where you are going and approximately when you plan to return. Make sure that the walk can be completed with daylight hours. Be prepared to turn back if the weather worsens.

Protect Your Trail – Take only pictures, leave only the lightest of footprints, and bring home only memories. Leave the place you’re visiting in a natural condition. You can’t improve nature.  Campfires are not permitted on the Backland Trail. Remember campfires are responsible for many wildfires. Bring it in…bring it out!  Please check your rest or picnic area for trash or spilled foods.  Pack and remove all trash, leftover food and litter.

Trail begins at Pavilion Picnic Site, offering washroom facilities.  Our trails are rated easy to moderate throughout the trail system.  Parking is available at the Pavilion and each of the lookout sites.

Trail Start GPS Location:  N 47°16.986” W 053°58,931”.

Trail Name  Length (m)
Arg Pond Road 1200
Churchill Sprint 500
Roosevelt Walk 300
Greer Trail 1200
Decatur Road 650
Dickerson Traipse 350
McCormick Trek 1700
Ellis Path 750
Backland Road 4170
Silver Mine Road 610
Peck Rove 1320
Bunker Alley 1140