Coal Yard Playground

Coal Yard Playground is located on the High Road, Route 100 in Jersyside, NL.   It is situated at the intersection where the roads coming from the communities Ferndale and Freshwater meet.

In the 1930s, coal was the main source of fuel. It was delivered by train and stored in the nearby Coal Yard.  The Playground is built on the site of the old Coal Yard which was located close by the train terminal.

Playground equipment has a number of play structure including a Play Train and Bus Climber for toddlers, Jungle Gyms, multi unit slide and tunnels, and climbers.  There is also a Tennis Court and Basketball Court at the upper end of the fenced location.

Playground hours are from dawn to dusk. Animals not permitted (only service dogs).  Adult supervision is required (children under 12).  This is a smoke free facility.

Picnic tables are on site.  No washroom facilities. Parking is available.

GPS Location:  N 47°.258188; -53°.959982