Ferndale Veterans Park

The community of Ferndale lies within the municipality of the Town of Placentia.  Ferndale Veterans’ Memorial Park is located at the beginning of Ferndale as you enter the area coming from Dunville on your right.  A short walk leads you from the main road to the park.

It was created in 2009 to revitalize the existing playground.  At the time, local residents were also working on a project to honor three brothers who were veterans of the community.

This park was renamed from Ferndale Playground to Ferndale Veterans Memorial Park. On July 1st, 2009 the story board was unveiled and a memorial service was held by the Royal Canadian Legion.

The Ferndale Veterans Committee in partnership with the Town of Placentia maintains an annual upkeep of this park!

This is a popular day-use park.  It offers picnic tables, playground and a space to relax and avail of some fun family time.  No ATVs allowed.  Parking is available outside the entrance to the park.  No washroom facilities.

GPS Location:  47.262695; -53.944999