The Great Beach Boardwalk is located on the townside of Placentia, route 100.  The wooden boardwalk is 1.4 km., and extends the entire length of the beach, sandwiched between the great beach and Veteran’s Way beachside road.  It is a major attraction for locals and tourists alike, and lies within the towering Castle Hill across the way.  Placentia Beach once called “Giant Beach” by the French and was one huge fish flake.  Stop for a rest, or take a leisurely walk!  And don’t forget your camera – if visiting at the right time, you will want to capture the glorious sunrises and spectacular sunsets!

The area of the wooden board walk has an important story to tell. Placentia was unique in that the early fishermen did not require flakes for fish drying. The Great Beach is infamous for its rock, and was a major reason for settlement in the area.  This flat expansive rock covered beach was a sought after feature by the Basque, French and English fishermen who fished out of Placentia Bay.  These first visitors used this cobblestone beach for drying their large catches of cod fish. This beach would be covered in cod fish.

It is also one of the few wheel chair accessible Beach Boardwalks in the region and free of vehicles and animals.  There are two gazebos, one located at each end of the boardwalk, with seating.  Parking is located at either end. No washrooms available.

(GPS coordinates) – Latitude: 47° 14′ 27.00″ N; Longitude: -53° 57′ 23.99″ W