Selina Corrigan Memorial Park

Selina Corrigan Memorial Park is located in Placentia at the intersection of McKendrick St. and Orcan Drive in Placentia.  A view to behold! Situated with front row seating, you can watch the Orcan River flow freely by; the little boats slowly coast up toward the Southeast Arm, and fishers who quietly pass the time.

This park was the property of the Corrigan’s, a longtime family of the area.  Mrs. Corrigan is fondly remembered for her kind and caring ways.  On this property, in her family home, Selina provided a refuge to the sick, the poor, and the hungry.  This green space now stands as a memorial and a tribute to this extraordinary lady.

The story board providing a synopsis of Mrs. Corrigan’s life was unveiled on August 18, 2018. It is the hope of Selina’s children and grandchildren that all who sit to enjoy this place find comfort in knowing that many found solace here.

This is a popular day-use park.  It offers picnic tables, a space to relax and mingle with the neighbors for friendly chat.  No ATVs allowed.  Parking is available alongside the park.  No washroom facilities.

GPS Location:  47.246085; -53.959491