William Hynes Memorial Playground

William Hynes Memorial Playground is located Dunville, NL.  You will find this playground as you drive though the community on the main road.

William Hynes Memorial Playground is named in honor of a very prominent business man from the community. This playground is suitable for children 10 and under.  This recreation area is a beautiful fenced in area offering a number of play structures including baby swings, multi-unit slide and tunnels.

Animals not permitted (only service dogs).  Adult supervision is required (children under 12).  This is a smoke free facility.  A picnic table and bench is located in the playground.  No washrooms facilities are available. Parking is available.  Curfew is from dawn to dusk.  This park is closed during the winter season.

GPS Location:  N 47°.268850; -53°.894269