Doing Business in Placentia

The core fuel for business is opportunity.

For generations, the unfolding story of Placentia has been driven by opportunity. In early days, it was compelled by the international market for one core commodity: salt cod. Today’s opportunities are far broader and more diversified: from construction to resource development, industrial fabrication to metallurgical processing, the regional economy is in solid growth mode, with Placentia ideally positioned as its hub.

And Placentia is open for business. We know your business needs and work collaboratively with companies to ensure all the necessary infrastructure, services and supports are available to grow your business. Placentia understands that a strong business community benefits everyone. A stronger economy means more business opportunities. More business opportunities attract more people to live and work in Placentia. The net result is a better quality of life for our citizens.

So we make it our business to help business build and sustain our community.

Through our comprehensive strategic planning processes, Placentia has identified strategies and tactics that would further support our local business community development. The fact is that it has never been a better time to locate or start up a business in Placentia. There are countless opportunities arising every day, in all sectors of business and industry – transportation, retail, manufacturing, supply and distribution, gas and oil, technology and many more. We are open for business.

Consider some of the features and benefits of locating your business here:

Placentia is strategically located for business, courtesy of its proximity to shipping routes, transportation routes. St. John’s, the Argentia industrial area and the ferry that links Newfoundland to mainland Canada.
Placentia is uniquely positioned as the central hub of the southwest portion of the Avalon Peninsula, providing an ample market for any business.
There is government funding, local funding and grants, and tax incentives specifically geared towards new business. There are several agencies and organizations in the area whose mandate is to encourage and facilitate new business start-up.
Incentives are attractive and may include:
interest free, unsecured loans
loan and venture financing
management services
training programs and wage subsidies
export development programs
start-up grants
tax holidays
self-employment incentives and more
Placentia has the latest utility and telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring the necessary connectivity to conduct business anywhere in the world.
Perhaps one of Placentia’s greatest advantages, one of its most promising sources of opportunity is its industrial area – Argentia. Argentia is ideally positioned to play host to a variety of new fabrication, maintenance, supply and marine service opportunities. It offers an impressive catalogue of advantages including:
a strategic location in the centre of the world’s shipping lanes
an excellent ice-free deep water port with 2,100 feet of berth space available
extensive buildings, infrastructure and land zoned for industrial use
a skilled workforce, and a management team experienced in economic development, and port and property management.
Moving forward, we want to do even more to support business. We have plans to establish a “buy local” program including promoting local businesses on the Town website and in newsletters, hosting marketing and sales training sessions for local businesses, implementing a “buy local” communications campaign, and hosting business fairs in the Town square. We have plans in place to increase tourism. We will be promoting and supporting entrepreneurship through various programs and we will be looking at investing in more incentive programs.

Placentia is “A Place To Grow.” Come and grow your business with us. For more information on business opportunities in the Town of Placentia, contact:

Town of Placentia
709 227 2151